Education Programs

The Wyoming Wetlands Society is dedicated to conservation and education.  Each year WWS gets involved with a number of organizations, school groups, summer camps, volunteer groups and individuals that are interested in Trumpeter Swans and wetland restoration. 

Educational opportunities include field trips, formal indoor presentations and opportunistic conversations with interested people. 

Field trips to some of our Trumpeter Swan captive breeding sites provide us the opportunity to educate people on Trumpeter Swan natural history, threats to their restoration and what WWS and other organizations and agencies are doing to aid in the restoration effort.  Field trips are not only useful in providing general information to the public on Trumpeter Swans but it allows us the opportunity to explain how our captive breeding program works and how it is incorporated into the restoration of this magnificent bird.

Our beaver relocation program has given us another avenue to educate the public on the importance of wetlands and the vital role beaver play as wetland engineers.  Field trips to beaver colony wetlands give us the opportunity to demonstrate first hand how beaver create, enhance and maintain wetland habitat.










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